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Website design, build & ongoing care


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Ongoing service

Why is ongoing service required?

The Internet is a constantly changing thing, with new or improved technologies and ideas being released all the time. I build websites in line with current technologies to the best of my ability on the WordPress platform, but since WordPress is an example of something which is being constantly improved, without ongoing work, websites I build will inevitably become outdated over time.

It is important – for both the security of your website and the professional image you no doubt want your business to portray – to maintain your website, ensuring it remains functional and appropriate now and in the future.

Hosting services

In the same way that you save documents on your computer so that you can access them again at any time, the files which make up your website and emails you send and receive need to be stored (hosted) on a server so that they can be accessed. These hosting services are ongoing, usually billed monthly or yearly.

My recommended website host is Flywheel. Flywheel specialise in hosting WordPress websites, making them fast and secure. Their system allows me to retain the access I need to your website, but since your relationship is directly with them, you’ll be able to contact both them and me for hosting support.

My recommended email host is Zoho Mail. Their smallest plan (up to 25 mailboxes, each with 5GB storage) is free, and this plan suits the majority of my clients. If you outgrow this plan, they can offer more space and/or more mailboxes.

WordPress updates

WordPress is open source software and the platform on which I build websites. There are many benefits of WordPress and I’m not the only one who thinks so; approximately 1 in 4 websites are now powered by WordPress!

One benefit is that the software is constantly being improved by a huge community of developers. This benefit comes with a drawback, though. Anyone with malicious intent is able to compare the current code to previous versions and identify weaknesses in the previous versions. The solution to this is simple: keep the software on your website up to date by running updates when they become available. This is a service I offer to my clients.

Occasionally, running WordPress updates can cause an issue with the functionality of your website. This is because I build websites in line with the most up to date version of WordPress available when your website initially goes live, so over time, it’s possible that the website could become incompatible in some way with the newer versions. It’s impossible to foresee how this will affect a website, so it’s something which needs to be monitored on an ongoing basis.

When I run updates, I will check the functionality of your website to ensure there are no problems. If a problem is found, I’ll restore from a backup made just before the updates were run, investigate the problem and either fix it or offer suggestions on what should be done to resolve it.

Monthly website maintenance

I offer the following ongoing maintenance. This is only available for websites hosted with my recommended host, Flywheel.

Ongoing domain management

Your domain name is your website’s address; it’s what people type into their browser to see your website. The settings for your domain name need to be configured correctly so that when people type it into their browser they see your website, and so that when they send you an email, you receive it. Wrong settings can break either or both of these things, so domain management is something I can take care of for my clients.

Your domain will usually be purchased for a period of 2 years. At the end of that time, if you want to keep the domain, payment will be required again to renew it.

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