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Website design, build & ongoing care


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Web design and development

Web design and development is at the core of what I do. It’s so important to get your website right because visitors form an opinion very quickly based on the way the site looks and functions. Want to get yours right? It starts with a plan.

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail

It’s a cliché, but it’s true!

Some website providers simply take a list of your requirements and produce a website which fits them. Initially that might not seem so bad, but I think you’re coming to a professional because you want professional advice.

My approach is a bit more involved initially, but it means you’ll have a website which works for you for longer. I want to learn about your business, enough to identify any areas where your website could reduce your workload to save you time (and therefore money). I want to learn about your customers, enough to know what it is that they really want when they visit your website. I want to find out what you want from your new website, but I also want to offer you my professional advice about what will work best based on my experience and my knowledge of current and potentially upcoming trends and technologies.

As a result of this initial planning, we’ll both be clear on what your website needs to be saying, the tone it should say it in, the pages needed to get that message across, how those pages should be laid out, what elements need to be included on each page and what you want a visitor to do after they’ve visited your website.

One size does not fit all

There are thousands of low-cost website designs available, but I don’t recommend using them except in cases where budget is very limited. They can be helpful to get brand new businesses up and running quickly, but some can look unprofessional, be poorly coded, be unsuitable for your true needs and contribute to lower search engine rankings.

Instead, you can have a professional and unique website which reflects your professional and unique business. Your website can grow as your business grows. It would do the professional image you want to portray no good by switching templates every time your requirements change. When it’s custom made, it can be added to and developed as your business needs develop over time.

You can see some examples of the custom websites I have created for my clients in my portfolio.

Putting you in the driver’s seat

Once your new website is up and running, I’ll train you on how to log into the website and make content changes. You can add, edit and delete the content within pages, plus add and remove whole pages as needed.

This training usually takes 1-2 hours, which includes some time for you to make some changes while I’m there to guide you. If you’re fairly local this training can be given in person, otherwise it can be given via Skype using the screen sharing facility.

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